You Will Need ...
  1. hot glue gun

  2. yarn

  3. scissors

  4. washi tape

  5. felt or fleece

  6. 1" styrofoam ball

  7. 1.5" styrofoam ball

  8. pony bead

  9. stick on pearls

  10. tiny hat

  11. pipe cleaner

  12. coffee stir stick

  13. electric tea light

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Step 1: 

First we will make his broom.  Begin by cutting your coffee stir stick in half.

Step 2: 

We wil use yarn to make the broom part.  1) wrap yarn around your fingers about 10 times 2) make the letter J out of a pipe cleaner and insert it under the yarn 3) twist the pipe cleaner to seal in the yarn 4) cut the loops of the yarn to form the broom and trim the pipe cleaner to about 2 inches in length

Step 3: 

Glue your yarn broom onto the stir stick.

Step 4: 

Cover the stick with washi tape.

Step 5: 

I also like to cover the base of my electric tea light with washi tape.

Step 6: 

The 1.5" styrofoam ball will push easily onto the "flame" of the electric tea light.  To attach the head use a piece of pipe cleaner about 2 inches long.  Push it into the 1" styrofoam ball and then push the other end down into the larger ball, attaching the two.

Step 7: 

Cut two small pieces of pipe cleaner to be his arms.

Step 8: 

I am using stick on jewels as his eyes.

Step 9: 

Orange pipe cleaners make a great nose.

Step 10: 

Attach a tiny hat to his head.  It is best to let the hot glue cool a bit before attaching.

Step 11: 

Next we will make him a pipe.  Cut another small piece of pipe cleaner about 2 inches.

Step 12: 

Make it into the letter L and glue a pony bead on the end.

Step 13: 

The stick on jewels make great buttons as well.

Step 14: 

Finally, give him a scarf made from a thin strip of felt or fleece.  Add a couple drops of glue to the fleece to attach and wrap it around his neck.