How to Make Stocking Face Flowers

Why settle for a boring bouquet when you can have flowers with personality? This Valentine's Day, try our Stocking-Face Flowers!
Materials List

Silk flowers (any kind will do, but those with a flat center, like a daisy, work best)

Nylon stockings (nude and tan work best)

Small rubber bands

Stuffing (or cotton balls)


Small beads, googly eyes, or buttons

Assorted embellishments: tiny puff balls, sequins, etc. (optional)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks (or thick white glue)

A needle and thread (optional)

Acrylic paints and paint brushes (optional)

Fabric or Sharpie markers (optional)

Tissue paper, ribbon, and note cards (for gift wrapping; optional)

How to
Step 1

Cut a 4-inch section from a pair of nylons, leaving you with a tube of stocking material, open on either end.

Step 2

Cut one side of the tube so that it opens up to form a rectangle of nylon stocking.

Step 3

Depending upon how big you want to make your flower face, take a bit of stuffing and roll it into a tight ball. Start with one the size of your palm. As you get more practiced, you can vary your sizes, but it’s better to start larger until you get the hang of it. If you wish to sew your flower face, thread a needle with about 3 feet of thread, and tie the ends together so you have a double thickness of thread, and set it off to the side where you can easily reach it.

Step 4

Place the ball of stuffing into the middle of your stocking and wrap the stocking around the ball. Pull and stretch the nylon stocking around the ball of stuffing and gather all of the fabric in your fingers so that you end up with a nylon fabric "stem." Twist the stem a couple of times to secure.

Step 5

Use a small rubber band to close off the stocking stem or sew it shut with needle and thread. If sewing, sew through the stem to secure the thread, then sew half-circles around the stem (push the needle through one side - "Side A" - exit Side B. Loop the thread halfway around the stem from Side B back to Side A, push the needle through at Side A. When the needle exits on Side B for the second time, loop the thread around the opposite side of the stem and sew back through Side A again). Sew about 4 or 5 half circles to secure. Don't worry if there's a bit of stuffing in the stem!

Step 6

Cut off the excess stocking.

Step 7

Embellish your flower with eyes, puff ball noses, etc. You can attach them with a glue gun. You can even draw on the face with a fabric marker, or paint a blush of color with thin acrylic paint; apply with a brush, Q-Tip, or sponge.

Step 8

If you are feeling handy with a needle and thread, then consider sewing your face! Sew side-to-side through the closure stem at the back of the head to secure your thread. Always remember to be gentle with your thread until it is secured, because the thread wants to pull through the nylon. This is why I suggest securing the thread through the base of the head; there's more layers!

Step 9

Once the thread is secure, sew up through the head and into the face. In this manner you can sew features like mouths, dimples, noses, etc. Just make sure that you are always sewing through the head from back to front and back again to secure the features (when sewing features you should always end up at the back of the head where you can sew a security stitch through the stem).

Step 10

If you wish to add beads for eyes, stitch through the back of the head, up through the face, slide the bead over the needle, then stitch down back through the head.

Step 11

Repeat with the second bead. Once both beads are sewn onto the front of the face, secure with a couple stitches at the back of the head. The tighter you pull your thread through the face will equal the amount of depth and dimpling you will see in the face.

Step 12

Making a puffy nose is a bit tricky. But the more you play with your needle and thread the better you will get. You can make a sort of straight line nose by sewing two lines down the middle of the face. To make a longish nose just sew a stitch connecting those parallel stitches. You can even try a "V" shaped nose.

Step 13

Ball noses are a bit harder to get the hang of, but basically you want to sew a box. The ball nose will then need additional stitches around and around to form a ball. Practice and playing with stitches is the key to making stitched features. Don’t get frustrated... just keep playing with it! You also may want to try using embroidery floss instead of thread to make the features. It works really well for the mouth.

Step 14

Once your face is done, simply hot glue it into the center of a silk flower. Instant personality!

Step 15

Your friendly flower is ready to brighten someone's day! Make a bunch and place them in a flower vase, or wrap them in tissue paper like a floral delivery!

Craft Length
30 - 60 minutes
Use your noodle! (challenging; focus required)
Prep Time
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 2 children

1. Check out our flowers in action at a recent event!
2. Instead of using stockings, mold flower faces out of clay! Crayola Air-Dry Clay is a great material.

Variation Photos