You Will Need ...
  1. X-acto knife

  2. work surface

  3. plastic water bottle

  4. child's anklet sock

  5. 1.5 " white pom poms

  6. black felt

  7. scissors

  8. glue

  9. stuffing

  10. white elastic cord

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Step 1: 

Start by making the base of your snowgie out of a plastic bottle.  Carefully cut the bottom off of a small water bottle, leaving about 2 inches of plastic.

Step 2: 

Stuff your sock.

Step 3: 

Decide where you would like your head to be.  Pinch it with your fingers.  Use a piece of white elastic or a white rubber band to create the head.

Step 4: 

Insert the piece of plastic bottle you created in Step 1 into the bottom of the sock.  Cover the edges with the sock.  This provides the base and allows the snowgie to stand.

Step 5: 

Glue two white pom poms  on for feet.

Step 6: 

Cut a smile and two small eyes out of black felt.

Step 7: 

Glue those pieces on using hot glue.  All done