You Will Need ...
  1. self standing candle wick

  2. granulated wax

  3. one sheet of beeswax

  4. votive

  5. x-acto knife

  6. cutting board

  7. glue dots

  8. scissors

  9. spoon

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Step 1: 

Place a glue dot on the bottom of your self standing wick and place it in the bottom center of your votive.

Step 2: 

Next, simply fill your votive with granulated wax.  You can use a spoon or a squeeze bottle as I have done here.  Create layers using multiple colors.  Tilt the candle on its side to create interesting patterns.

Step 3: 

I use a piece of beeswax to keep the granulated wax from spilling.  Trace the top of your votive onto the beeswax sheet.  Cut out a circle of beeswax, slightly larger than the votive. 

Step 4: 

Cut a small hole in the center of your beeswax disc.

Step 5: 

Push the beeswax disc down onto the top of your granulated wax.  Use the warmth of your fingers to mold the beeswax into place and seal it.

Step 6: 

Trim your wick to size.