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Step 1: 

Place two pins on opposite sides of your styrofoam ball.

Step 2: 

Begin stretching rubber bands between the pins.

Step 3: 

Make a pattern by stretching multiple rubber bands around the pins and circling the ball.

Step 4: 

After adding a few more rubber bands, add more pins to the ball.

Step 5: 

Begin adding rubber bands between those pins.

Step 6: 

At this point you can start experimenting with the shapes of the rubber bands - make triangles by connecting the rubber band to three pins.

Step 7: 

Make diamonds by connecting it to four pins.

Step 8: 

Add a few more pins.

Step 9: 

Contonue creating the shapes and the ornament you like by adding more pins and rubber bands.

Step 10: 

I used two paper clips to create the hanger.  Straighten one paper clip and open the other just slightly.

Step 11: 

Bend the straight paper clip into a U-shape.

Step 12: 

Push the U shape down into your ball.  Slide the other paperclip over the inserted clip to create your hanger.