You Will Need ...
  1. Beeswax sheets

  2. candle wick

  3. scissors

  4. x-acto knife

  5. hair dryer

  6. ruler

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Step 1: 

Cut your sheet of beeswax in half lengthwise.  Then cut that piece in half at the 8 inch mark.

Step 2: 

Measure two inches in from one edge and make a mark with your X-acto knife.

Step 3: 

Measure 1.5 inches up from the bottom of the sheet, opposite of the mark you just made.

Step 4: 

Using your ruler make a diagonal cut between the two marks, creating a triangle.

Step 5: 

Lay a piece of wick at the wide end of the of sheet.  Leave about an inch of extra wick on one end.

Step 6: 

We will embeliish with a single strip of another color wax.  Cut a strip of wax one honeycomb wide.

Step 7: 

Soften the strip lightly with the hairdryer.

Step 8: 

Lay your strip along the cut end of your wax sheet.

Step 9: 

Turn the sheet over and begin rolling the candle in the same manner in which we have done the other rolled candles.

Step 10: 

Keep rolling making certain to keep the candle tight as you roll.

Step 11: 

Once you have finished rolling use the hairdryer to warm the candle a bit more and attach an additional strip of wax.

Step 12: 

Trim off any extra.