You Will Need ...
  1. beeswax cabdle kit

  2. scissors

  3. hair dryer

  4. x-acto knife

  5. ruler

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Step 1: 

As with each of the other projects, I began by cutting the 8" x 16" sheet of beeswax into two halves (4" x 16").  To make the skinny candle I cut the half sheet in half again creating a sheet that is 4" x 8".

Step 2: 

Lay your wick at one end of the sheet.  You should have approximately one inch extra on one end.

Step 3: 

Warm the edge of the beeswax so the wick sticks to it.

Step 4: 

Roll the beeswax around the wick.

Step 5: 

Heat the beeswax slightly and continue to roll.  Make sure you are rolling tightly and in a straight line.

Step 6: 

You may need to taper the end of the candle to make it fit in your candle holder.

Step 7: 

Continue tapering until it fits snugly in the candle holder.

Step 8: 

I am adding stripes to this candle.  I do so by cutting thin strips of a different color beeswax.  My strips are about the width of two combs.

Step 9: 

Heat the strips slightly and apply them to the candle.  All done