You Will Need ...
  1. beeswax candle kit

  2. x-acto knife

  3. ruler

  4. scissors

  5. hair dryer

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Step 1: 

The kit comes with sheets that are 8" x 16".  Begin by cutting the sheet in half so you have two pieces of 4" x 16" beeswax.

Step 2: 

Measure one inch in on one side of the sheet.  From that mark measure up twelve inches.  Cut this notch out of the sheet - leaving about six wide inches.  Save this piece as it can be used to decorate other candles.

Step 3: 

Lay you wick at the wide end of the sheet.  

Step 4: 

Cut a piece of wick that is about one inch longer than the wax.

Step 5: 

Roll the edge of the wax around your wick.

Step 6: 

At this stage you will probably need to warm and soften the wax so you can roll it.  Briefly use a hair dryer to warm the wax.  You only need a few seconds and the wax will become malleable.

Step 7: 

Keep rolling and tightening until you reach the larger part.  Again you may need to use the hair dryer to soften.  When you are all finished warm it once more and squeeze the candle to seal.

Step 8: 

I am using another color to embellish.  Cut a thin strip of a different color wax.

Step 9: 

Soften it slightly and attach.