How to Make a "Queen of Hearts" Valentines Day Crown

Crown your Valentine as your Queen (or King) of Hearts
Materials List

24" x 1.5" strip of posterboard


paper clip

glue stick

How to
Step 1

Fold your three doilies in half

Step 2

Center one doily in the middle of your strip of posterboard.  Place the posterboard with its top edge on the fold of the doily.

Step 3

Place a line of glue on the strip.

Step 4

Fold the doily onto itself and glue it down.  Do this with the other two doilies.  Overlap them slightly and place them on either side of the center doily.  Glue to secure.

Step 5

We will be using a heart shaped doily for the center.  Before attaching it to the crown decorate it as you like.  Here I have used heart stickers and stick-on jewels.

Step 6

The heart shape doily will need some support to stand up.  We use a stirstick for this.  Measure your stir stick on the back of the heart shaped doily.  Cut off any extra.

Step 7

Glue the trimmed stir stick to the back of the heart shaped doily.

Step 8

Glue the heart shaped doily to the center of your crown.

Step 9

I use a paper clip to size the crown to fit.  Bring both ends together and paper clip them at the correct size.  Trim any excess.  Your crown awaits its royal subject.