How to Make a Popsicle Stick Crossbow

Ready, aim, fire! These little crossbows pack a punch!
Materials List

Glue gun


A hinged clothespin

A long, wooden coffee stir strick

A foam sticker

2 rubber bands

Duct tape

How to
Step 1

Take one tongue depressor and draw a line of about 2 inches of hot glue. Glue another tongue depressor to the first, creating one long stick.

Step 2

Glue the squat squat spool at one end as shown. Just behind the squat spool, glue the third tongue depressor at a perpendicular angle, creating a cross shape. Make sure that you're gluing the center of the depressor so that the "arms" on the sides are even.

Step 3

Take two rubber bands and tie them together by looping one inside the other. First, overlap the sides of both rubber bands.

Step 4

Loop one through the other.

Step 5

Pull tight, making a nice strong knot.

Step 6

Pull your tied rubber bands through the hole in the center of one of your small spools. Just as you looped the two rubber bands together, you'll loop one end of the rubber band through the spool and back through the rubber band.

Step 7

Pull the loop tight and in the center of the spool.

Step 8

Take the other end of the rubber band and wrap it twice around the center of the other small spool.

Step 9

Take two small strips of duct tape and cover the spools so that the rubber bands are secured in place. This also covers them so that they do not melt when we hot glue the the spools later.

Step 10

Attach one spool to the end of one arm of your crossbow with hot glue as shown. Stretching the rubber band across the crossbow, glue the second spool onto the opposite arm. Next, hot glue the clothes pin onto the end of the longer stick, with the "pinching" side facing the crossbar.

Step 11

Attach a foam sticker to one end of a long coffee stir stick.

Step 12

Fold the sticker over on itself, and snip the sides off.

Step 13

Cut a groove into the other end of the coffee stir stick to create a "notch."

Step 14

Once all the glue on your crossbow is dry, you're ready to shoot! To fire, insert the coffee stir stick arrow through squat spool hole, catching the rubber band in the arrow's notch as it goes. Pull the stick back and hold in place by opening clothes pin, inserting the stick (and the stretched rubber band), and closing the clothes pin again.

Step 15

Aim and open the clothes pin to release the arrow. These have really good aim and can shoot 5 to 10 feet. Remember, never aim at a living thing! The little arrows are great to ping off pans or set up a shooting range.

Craft Length
15 - 30 minutes
Use your noodle! (challenging; focus required)
Prep Time
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 2 children