You Will Need ...
  1. Duct tape (or other study tape)

  2. Hot glue, tacky glue, or tape

  3. Popsicle stick

  4. Firm cylinder: wine cork, spool from ribbon or thread, or dowel, etc.

  5. Plastic bottle cap

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Step 1: 

Begin by taping your cylinder to the middle of your popsicle stick. Simply lay a piece of tape over the cylinder and in the same direction as the popsicle stick so the tape cannot be seen from the opposite side.

Step 2: 

Flip the popsicle stick over. On one end you are going to attach a plastic cap. Place a bit of tape or glue on one end of the stick and firmly hold the cap until dry.

Step 3: 

And that's it! There's the general idea for your catapult.

Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time: 
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 10 children
Variation Photos: