You Will Need ...
  1. black paper cup

  2. wooden skewer

  3. 1" styrofoam ball

  4. scissors

  5. white plastic tablecloth

  6. glue dots

  7. card stock or heavy paper

  8. awl or small screwdriver

  9. googley eyes

  10. permanent marker

  11. glue gun

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Step 1: 

Cut a nine inch square from your white plastic tablecloth.

Step 2: 

Use your awl or screwdriver to poke a hole in the center of the bottom of your black paper cup.

Step 3: 

Insert your wooden skewer in the hole and move it back and forth slightly to make the correct sized hole for the skewer.

Step 4: 

Next, create your tombstone backer.  Cut a tombstone shape from your paper or cardstock.  Use your marker to decorate.  You can draw some cracks and write RIP as I have done, or design it however you like.

Step 5: 

Center your tombstone on the seam of the cup and glue it on the back.

Step 6: 

PLace your one inch styrofoam ball at the end of your skewer.

Step 7: 

Cover your styrofoam ball with glue dots.  One on the top and one on each side in an east/west/north/south orientation.

Step 8: 

Place your ball down in the center of the pice of tablecloth.

Step 9: 

Pick the skewer up and secure the plastic to the ball on the top and sides.

Step 10: 

Place a glue dot on each corner of the plastic.  Glue those corners to the inside of the cup.  

Step 11: 

Again, use a north/south/east/west orientation so the ends of the plastic are glued inside the cup, holding down the plastic when the ghost rises.

Step 12: 

Use two more glue dots to add some googley eyes.