How to Make a Pool Noodle Pony

Turn that old pool noodle into a new friend
Materials List

pool noodle


glue gun


large rubber band

How to
Step 1

Fold about 12 inches of your pool noodle onto itself to create the pony's head.  Secure it with a large rubber band.

Step 2

Next we will make the reins:

1. Cut about 6 feet of ribbon.  Be sure to cut the ends at a very sharp angle so they have a nice point

2. Wrap the ribbon around the head of the pony

3. Line up the ends of the ribbon and push them through the hole of your bead.

4. Slide the bead up tight againt the pool noodle to lock the ribbon into place.

Step 3

Trim the ends of the ribbon to make them square

Step 4

Make sure your ribbon is not tangled, make a large loop and glue the two ends together.

Step 5

Next we will make his ears from two pieces of felt:

1. Start with the inner ear.  Fold your felt in half long ways and then again to make it shorter.  Cut an arch with a square end on the folded size and unfold.

2. Use your inner ear piece to create a template that is slighly larger but the same shape for your outer ear

3. Cut out the outer ear piece

4. Glue the inner ear piece onto the outer piece

Step 6

Fold your ears in half and slip them through the crease in the pony.

Step 7

Glue on his eyes.  Make sure you allow the hot glue to dry for about 10 seconds before adhering to the pool noodle.

Step 8

I am using heart stickers for his nostrils.  You can also use buttons, round stickers or draw them on with a marker.

Step 9

Next we will make his mane.  I do this is the same way I make hair for my yarn dolls.  Wrap a piece of yarn around a small piece of cardboard about 50 times.

Step 10

Take another small piece of yarn, place it under the middle of the bundle of yarn and tie very tightly.

Step 11

Cut one end of the yarn bundle.  Make sure you cut through all of the strands.

Step 12

Glue the mane on top of the pony's head.  In this instance I have used another of my heart stickers as a base to glue to.

Step 13

You are all set to ride your pool noodle pony

Craft Length
30 - 60 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 5 children