You Will Need ...
  1. premade pom pom

  2. premade tassel

  3. tapestry needle

  4. yarn

  5. scissors

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Step 1: 

Cut a piece of yarn about three feet long and thread it through the tapestry needle.

Step 2: 

Push the needle and yarn through the center of your first pom pom.

Step 3: 

Slide your pom pom towards the end of your yarn.  Tie a loop at that end.  This will be where you hang your hanger.  If you plan to hang this on a door handle you will want to make a fairly large loop.

Step 4: 

Thread your next size pom pom onto the yarn.

Step 5: 

Thread the largest pom pom onto the yarn.  You can adjust the spacing of the pom poms to your liking.

Step 6: 

Thread the needle through the top of the tassel where it is tied off.

Step 7: 

Adjust the placement of the pom poms and tassels to your liking.  Tie the yarn off at the top of the tassel.  Trim any excess yarn.