You Will Need ...
  1. 1 pipe cleaner cut to 5 inches long

  2. 1 full length pipe cleaner

  3. yarn

  4. a piece of cardboard or foamcore 3" x 4"

  5. 5/8" wooden bead, smaller beads for hands (optional)

  6. fine point Sharpie pen

  7. small pom pom

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Step 1: 

Wrap your yarn around your piece of cardboard approximately 40-50 times.  Cut the yarn from the skein when finished.

Step 2: 

Slide your full length pipe cleaner underneath the yarn.  Fold the pipe cleaner up to make the letter J.

Step 3: 

Squeeze the pipe cleaner together and twist.  Twist it as tightly as you can so the yarn pulls in together.

Step 4: 

Remove the yarn bundle from the cardboard.  Slide the large bead down the pipe cleaner.  This will be the doll's head.  Leave about a thumb's length between the bead and the yarn for the body.

Step 5: 

Slide your pom pom down the pipe cleaner.  Push the pipe cleaner through the center of the pom pom.

Step 6: 

Position your bead where you would like the head to be.  Slide the pom pom down on top of the head.  Loop the pipe cleaner up and over the pom pom and back through the pom pom.

Step 7: 

Push the end of the pipe cleaner through the bead to secure.  Pull it tight.  This pulls the hair tightly onto the head.  Trim the string from the pom pom.

Step 8: 

Next we will add arms.  Place the 5" piece of pipe cleaner slightly off center on the body of the doll.  Wrap it around twice to create the arms.

Step 9: 

Wrap the remaining part of the large pipe cleaner around to make the body.  First wrap up and around the shoulder and then wrap around the center pipe cleaner to create the body.  If you happen to have some small beads you can use those to create hands.

Step 10: 

Use your marker to draw a face on your doll.

Step 11: 

If you prefer you can cut the loops of your yarn and then trim the ends to create the skirt.  You can also leave the loops.