How to Make a Plastic Bag Bunny

Turn those extra bags into adorable creatures.
Materials List

6 plastic bags

7 rubber bands

Sharpies or markers

How to
Step 1

Select one plastic bag and lay it open on the table. This will be the main "bunny bag." Leave the others to the side for the remaining stuffing steps.

Step 2

In order to stuff the feet, take one of the extra bags and roll it to create a long, narrow tube-shape, with the bottom on one end and the two handles on the other. Now, fold it in half and place the folded part inside your bunny bag, at one bottom corner of the bag to stuff the foot area. Repeat this step with another plastic bag for the other foot area.

Step 3

To make the feet, take a rubber band and tie around the first corner foot area. Do this by looping it around the corner, twist the rubber band, and loop it around the foot area again, much like how you might tie a pony tail.

Step 4

Repeat this for the second foot.

Step 5

To create the tail, flip your bunny bag over. Pinch a tiny bit of the outside of the bag where a tail would be. Grab another rubber band and tie it like a pony tail around the little pinched tail. Since the tail is much smaller than the feet, you will need to tie the rubber band around a few extra times.

Step 6

To make the bunny belly, return your bunny bag to its front side. Take two of your extra plastic bags and place one inside the other. Continue to wrap the two bags together, making a round ball about the size of two adult hands clasped together. Next, stuff the ball you've created into the bunny bag, making the bunny belly.

Step 7

You create the arms just as you made the tail earlier. Pinch a little bit of the belly, near where the arms might be, and tie a rubber band nice and tight. You will have to tie it many times since the arms are so small. Repeat this step for the next arm.

Step 8

To make the head, use one more of your rubber bands to enclose the belly with the ponytail tie. The section above the body will now be your bunny's head. Grab your last plastic bag. Fold the handles inside of itself. Continue to fold the bag inside of itself to create a nice round ball the side of one adult fist (smaller than the bunny belly). Place this plastic ball inside the bunny bag above the belly.

Step 9

To make the ears, use your last rubber band to seal it by tying the rubber band around the top. The handles become bunny ears and your bunny is complete!

Step 10

To decorate the bunny use Sharpies or markers to create eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Draw tiny claws on all four paws.

Step 11

Now you've got a basic bunny, ready for however you want to decorate him! You can use ribbon to tie on a bow by the ears or create a fancy necktie. You can even use fabric to make clothes, or use glue to glue on googly eyes! Get creative and have fun!

1 adult per 10 children