You Will Need ...
  1. votive candles

  2. wax paper

  3. ink pad

  4. ink stamps

  5. pens or markers

  6. white tissue paper

  7. scissors

  8. ruler

  9. cutting mat

  10. hair dryer

  11. x-acto knife

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Step 1: 

Begin by cutting strips of white tissue paper.  The strip should be as wide as the flat part of the candle and wrap completely around it.  A small bit of overlap is fine when wrapping around.

Step 2: 

Create your own art on your strip of tissue paper. You can use stamps as you see here.

Step 3: 

Or you can use markers and create colorful designs.

Step 4: 

When finished, wrap the tissue paper around the candle.

Step 5: 

Wrap a piece of wax paper around the candle and artwork.  Make sure you have some extra wax paper to hold on to.  You are basically creating a handle to hold the candle while you heat it with the hair dryer.

Step 6: 

Allow the air from the hair dryer to get warm and point it directly at the candle.  The warm air will cause the wax to melt slightly and will embed your tissue paper art into the candle.  For a small candle this will typically take 60-90 seconds.

Step 7: 

All done.  Your own beautifully unique handmade candle.