How to Make Paper Cup Lambs

Spring into spring with these sweet sheep!
Materials List

Paper cup (any size will work, but larger ones are easier for little children)

Cotton balls

Dollpins / clothespins (4 per sheep)

Tacky glue or glue stick


Googly eyes

Markers (including black and/or any other colors)

Black paper or felt

Something for the sheep's head: an extra cotton ball, a foam craft "marshmallow" (not an edible one!), a tiny paper cup, a cork, a styrofoam ball

How to
Step 1

If you choose, you can start by drawing hooves onto your dollpins with your black marker.

Step 2

Apply a little bit of tacky glue into the forked end of your dollpin, and slide the dollpin onto the rim of the cup. Each pin should be about 90º from the others, so that the four pins are evenly spaced. Flip your cup upside-down and make sure the feet are evenly spaced to distribute the weight of the cup, and adjust as necessary.

Step 3

Now, begin gluing the cotton balls to the cup! You can brush on some tacky glue or give the cup a good rub with your glue stick. Press the cotton balls firmly onto the cup. Apply some glue to the tops of your dollpins and cover them with cotton balls as well. You can also gently stretch your cotton balls before applying so that you have a looser, fluffy look! Continue until you have covered the entire cup.

Step 4

There are many different items you can use for the head.  Here, we're using a foam craft ball. Apply some glue and press it onto the top of your cup, centered between two of the legs.

Step 5

You can now either attach googly eyes to the head using your tacky glue, or you can draw them on with your black marker. Don't forget to add a little nose and mouth with your marker, too!

Step 6

Using your black construction paper or felt, you can cut out two teardrop-shaped ears, a tail, a nose (if you didn't already draw one), and glue those onto your sheep.

Step 7

Baaaa! Your sheep is ready to play and dance in a grassy field to welcome in spring!

Craft Length
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 10 children

1. Do not use hot glue when applying your cotton balls. Hot glue has a tendency to seep through the cotton, and makes it too easy to accidentally touch it.


These lambs are so cute, you can't just stop at one! I've made a whole flock of sheep!

Variation Photos