You Will Need ...
  1. paper cone cups

  2. paper streamers

  3. scissors

  4. candy

  5. glue gun

  6. ribbon

  7. bead with large hole

  8. duct tape

  9. skewer, awl, or screwdriver

  10. X-Acto knife

  11. work surface

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Step 1: 

Cut the tips off of your 2 paper cones.

Step 2: 

Cut two or three pieces of ribbon to about 18" in length.  Cut the end at an angle.

Step 3: 

Tie a regular knot at one end.

Step 4: 

Use your screwdriver, awl, or skewer to push the untied end of the ribbon through the hole on the tip of one paper cone.

Step 5: 

Cut a single piece of ribbon to 18".  Fold it in half.  Insert the two loose ends through the hole in a bead.  Center the bead on the ribbon and tie a knot.

Step 6: 

Use your screwdriver to push the looped end through the hole in the other cone.  This will become your hanger.

Step 7: 

Fill one of your paper cones with candy.

Step 8: 

Glue the cones together by placing a bead of glue around the rim of the paper.

Step 9: 

Your piñata is essentially complete.  Now you can decorate.  I am beginning with some thin strips of duct tape.  Measure a piece of tape the length of your piñata.  Cut it into strips 1/4" of the width of the tape.

Step 10: 

Place a strip from one tip to the other of the piñata.  Then turn the piñata a quarter turn and place another.

Step 11: 

We will use paper streamers to cover up the middle of the piñata.  Begin with about 18" of streamer.

Step 12: 

Fold it in half length-wise.  Fold the streamer itself in half and then in half again.  Use your scissors to then fronge the streamer by cutting up to but not through the fold.

Step 13: 

Do that for three streamers.  Unfold them when you are finished.

Step 14: 

Glue the streamers on one at a time. 1.  Start with one covering the lip of the cone.  and then 2.  Add the two additional streamers on top in layers.

Step 15: 

Use your fingers to "fluff" the cut edge of the streamers.