You Will Need ...
  1. small glass containers

  2. small rocks

  3. natural charcoal

  4. hammer

  5. potting soil

  6. small plants

  7. small figurines

  8. water (in a spray bottle if possible)

  9. stick

  10. napkin

  11. paper towels

  12. cotton swab

  13. scissors

  14. spoon

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Step 1: 

Begin by filling your small glass container with some small rocks or pebbles.  I have found that rocks intended for use in aquariums work well for this.

Step 2: 

If you have charcoal, it is best to include a layer of it on top of the rocks.  This helps absorb the water and prevent mold.  You can make this charcoal by breaking natural briquets into small pieces with a hammer.  Add a layer of charcoal on top of your rocks.

Step 3: 

Add a layer of dirt or potting soil on top of the charcoal.  Moisten the soil with your spray bottle.

Step 4: 

Now it is time to add your plants.  I have found that small ground covering plants work best.  You want a plant that has a solid root structure.  Break up the root structure and place the plant in the soil. There is a list of suggested plants under the Stats tab above.

Step 5: 

Add some more soil as needed to secure your plant.  Before you proceed you might want to wipe down the sides of the glass to remove any water or soil that has accumulated.

Step 6: 

Now it is time to create your mini world.  You can do that using more small rocks, some larger rocks, additional plants or whatever you like.  Here I am adding some colored stones on top of the soil.

Step 7: 

You can add any small figurines or small decor you might have.  Here I am adding these adorable mushrooms I found.

Step 8: 

Next you can add any small figurines, rocks, or whatever you might have.  I think this bunny will be very happy here.