You Will Need ...
  1. white glue

  2. water

  3. bowl

  4. paper plate

  5. something to create the armature - plastic bottle, styrofoam ball, pipe cleaners

  6. scissors

  7. cheesecloth

  8. pen

  9. electric tea light (optional)

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Step 1: 

You will need something to create the body and head of the ghost.  Here I am using a small bottle and a styrofoam ball.  You can use whatever you have at hand.

Step 2: 

Unfold your cheesecloth and cut it into 12 inch pieces. You wiil need to seperate the layers.

Step 3: 

Create the arms for the ghost by twisting three pipe cleaners together.  You are essentially braiding the pipe cleaners.

Step 4: 

Once you have it braided shape it into arms.

Step 5: 

Twist the arms around your bottle to attach.

Step 6: 

Now it is time for the cheesecloth.  Begin by creating you glue solution.  Mix two ounces of water with two ounces of white glue.

Step 7: 

Dip your first piece of cheesecloth into the glue solution.  Use your fingers to remove any excess.

Step 8: 

Place your armature on a paper plate and drape the piece of cheesecloth over the armature.  You want to make sure that some part of the cheesecloth is resting on the plate.  This helps the ghost stand.

Step 9: 

Add a second piece of cheesecloth on the ghost laying in in the opposite direction.

Step 10: 

Now you must allow the ghost to dry.  This can take as long as 24 hours.  Be certain it is completely dry.  Once it has dried remove the armature from the cheesecloth.

Step 11: 

Use a marker to create a face on your ghost.  All done.