You Will Need ...
  1. Match Box

  2. Cheerios

  3. Q-Tip

  4. Toothpick

  5. Icing (Purchased or make your own - recipe under Stats tab above)

  6. Small Piece of Tissue Paper

  7. Optional: Powdered Sugar

  8. Scissors

  9. Glue Dots

  10. Various Sprinkles and decorating sugars

  11. Template of Labels (found under the Stats tab above)

  12. Washii Tape (Various Colors)

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Step 1: 

Remove the matches from the matchbox. Remove the drawer from the matchbox. Line up your washi tape of choice with the edge of the drawer piece and wrap it around.

Step 2: 

Make a small slit in each corner where the tape wraps around the box.

Step 3: 

Carefully fold down the washi tape over the edges your matchbox "tray"

Step 4: 

Next, wrap your washi tape around the other piece of the matchbox.  It is easiest to go completely around the box with a single strip.  Be certain to overlap each strip like you do when making duct tape fabric.

Step 5: 

Do the same thing with the edges and corners of this box as you did in Step 2 with the tray. Snip the corners with scissors and fold them in.

Step 6: 

You can leave your box as a slide-out box, or have it open with a lid. To create the lid, cut the outside piece of your matchbox along the seam line. Trim the edges of one of the sides, creating triangles.

Step 7: 

Trim a small piece of tissue paper to the width of your box.  Make the length approximately three times the width of your box so the paper will fold over.  Place one or two glue dots inside the box. Attach the middle of the tissue paper to the bottom of the box, leaving paper on either side to fold over your donuts.

Step 8: 

Next, place some glue dots on the small flap of your lid.

Step 9: 

Attach the lid to the the tray by gently squeezing down at the glue dot line.

Step 10: 

Using our sticker template (under the Stats tab above), add your designs, or embellish as you'd like.  You now have a box for your tiny donuts. Stay tuned for Part Two on how to create the various mini donuts.

All Ages
Craft Length: 
Indefinite (as long as you want!)
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Duct Tape: 
Prep Time: 
No prep time needed!
1 adult per 10 children