You Will Need ...
  1. Milk jug (empty and rinsed out)

  2. Permanent markers

  3. Elastic

  4. Hole punch

  5. Scissors

  6. Stickers, jewels, and other embellishments (optional)

  7. Hot glue gun

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Step 1: 

Make sure your plastic milk jug is empty and has been rinsed out. Carefully cut the milk jug apart and use the flat sides for your strips. Measure the strips against your wrist for a bracelet, or around your head for a headband. I like to round the corners with my scissors so that no sharp plastic pokes me!

Step 2: 

Decorate your plastic strip with permanent markers. You can also use things like stickers, jewels, or just about anything else that you can glue on. Once the glue is cool and the marker's dry, you can use your hole punch to punch a hole in each end. If your bracelet or headband is very thick, consider punching two holes in each end.

Step 3: 

String your elastic through the hole in one end of your plastic strip, and then through the hole in the other end. If you have two holes in each end, string the elastic through all four for added support. Try your bracelet or headband on for size, and then tie off your elastic at the appropriate length.

Step 4: 

Trim off any excess elastic.

Step 5: 

This is a technique that I love to use! I punch holes up and down the length of the plastic. Then, I weave a pretty ribbon in and out of the holes, as shown in the picture.

Step 6: 

I even run another ribbon underneath the woven ribbon.

Step 7: 

You can continue weaving ribbons as much as you like! Be sure to tie off or glue down any loose ends.

Step 8: 

One more tip: you're going to need a lot of extra elastic when making a headband, so double-check when you try it on!

Step 9: 

Voila! You're ready to show off your recycled creations!

Craft Length: 
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time: 
5 minutes or less
Cans, bottles & containers
1 adult per 5 children