You Will Need ...
  1. white ceramic tiles

  2. Sharpie or other permanent markers

  3. 70% or higher rubbing alcohol

  4. Pipette

  5. paper towel

  6. felt

  7. hot glue

  8. scissors

  9. clear acrylic spray or waterproof outdoor mod podge

  10. paint brush

  11. rubber feet

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Step 1: 

First, color the edges of your tile.  Next. use your markers to draw any sort of design you like on the tile.

Step 2: 

Place a small amount of rubbing alcohol in a cup.  Use your pipette to drop rubbing alcohol onto the tile.  As you do you will see that the ink from the marker will dissolve and spread.  Continue doing this until you have created the pattern you like.  Allow your tile to dry for at least four hours.  (or as you can see in my video, if you are an adult or working with an adult, you can burn the alcohol off the tile - drying the tile and setting the color instantly)

Step 3: 

You can leave you tile as it is, you can add more color, you can add more color and more alcohol or you can monogram it like I have done here with a Sharpie.

Step 4: 

If you plan to use your tile as a coaster or trivet you will want to put something on the back to protect the surfaces on which it sits.  I am using felt.  Trace around your tile onto a piece of felt.  If you prefer you can also attach small rubber feet to the bottom of the tile.

Step 5: 

Cut out your felt square.  Be sure to cut inside the line so it fits nicely onto your tile.

Step 6: 

Glue the felt onto your tile.

Step 7: 

I find it best to seal the tile to prevent the colors from coming off and protect it from water and heat damage.  You can do so by using either a clear acrylic spray or you can brush on waterproof Mod Podge or Decoupage.