You Will Need ...
  1. flat river rocks

  2. Paint brushes

  3. Mandala paint kit

  4. Acrylic paints

  5. water

  6. paint tray

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Step 1: 

Make sure you have a clean dry river rock.  You can begin with your own template, follow a pattern you like or I highly recommend you watch Kristin Uhlrig's tutorial before you begin.  I am beginning with a black circle.  Hold your brush steady and turn your rock to create a black circle in the center of your rock.

Step 2: 

Be certain to allow this to dry thoroughly.  After drying, use one of the larger dot tools from your Mandala Paint Kit to add a yellow dot in the center of your black circle.

Step 3: 

Use a smaller dot tool to add four orange dots around the yellow in a North, South, East, West pattern.

Step 4: 

Fill in with some additional orange dots and add a circle of red around that.

Step 5: 

Be certain to have a baby wipe or paper towel nearby to clean your brushes and tools.  Use your large dot tool again to add some purple dots on the outside.

Step 6: 

Use one of the smaller tools to add small blue dots on the outside.

Step 7: 

You can add different sizes of small blue dots.

Step 8: 

Continue creating circles around your larger circles with your smaller tool.

Step 9: 

Here I am using a small tool to create a v shape in green.

Step 10: 

Finally, I fill in and add some depth to my painting by using small white dots.