You Will Need ...
  1. Plastic Water Bottle

  2. Food Handler Gloves (1 produces 5 jellyfish) - or very thin plastic

  3. Sharp Scissors

  4. Rubber band

  5. food coloring

  6. Small bottle with nipple cap top

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Step 1: 

If using food handlers gloves, you begin by cutting off the thumb of the glove. If using plastic wrap, tear a sheet of wrap and make a pouch.

Step 2: 

Blow into the plastic a little to fill it slightly with air. Place the open end over the top of the water bottle. Seal with a rubber band. Be sure to have a little pinched off at the top.

Step 3: 

Gently open the nipple top and place a couple of drops of water inside the pinched off end.

Step 4: 

Slip off the water-filled plastic and blow a bit more air inside. Twist your rubber band multiple times to seal that small air bubble inside.

Step 5: 

Now you want to create the tentacles of the jellyfish. Use your scissors and cut very fine strips in the plastic that hangs below the "head" of the jellyfish. The more you cut the more realistic it will look.

Step 6: 

Open your new bottle of water, add a few drops of food coloring and seal with cap. Shake the water bottle to mix the food coloring. (Tip: Take off all labels from the water bottle before starting so its nice and see-through)

Step 7: 

Take your jellyfish and press all of it completely inside the bottle. (Tip: make sure all the frownies go inside, otherwise if even one gets stuck in the cap it won't make for a great free-flowing show)

Step 8: 

Seal the lid nice and tight.

Step 9: 

All done! Make a bunch, add different color and sizes for bottles for variation.