You Will Need ...
  1. plastic spoon

  2. googley eyes

  3. Permanent marker

  4. Snacks - such as applesauce, crackers, jello, fruit cups.

  5. Juice box or drinks in plastic bottles.

  6. glue dots

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Step 1: 

To make our monsters we are simply going to glue various snacks together with glue dots.  I start by glueing his feet, in this instance crackers, to the bottom of the juice box.

Step 2: 

I used an upside down jello cup for his head.

Step 3: 

I prefer googley eyes to give the monsters character.

Step 4: 

I use a Sharpie to draw on a mouth, eyebrows, or anything else you would like.

Step 5: 

Since my jello requires a spoon I am going to glue one on the side.  All done.