You Will Need ...
  1. hair elastic

  2. hot glue

  3. cellophane tape

  4. candy wrappers, such as Kit Kats or Ring Pops

  5. x-acto knife

  6. scissors

  7. 5/8" ribbon

  8. jewels (optional)

  9. work surface

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Step 1: 

Carefully cut your candy wrapper along one of it's edges.  Be careful to only cut through one side of the wrapper.  Remove the candy.

Step 2: 

Force all of the air out of the wrapper and tape the edge you just cut as well as any other edges or pieces that may stick up.  The goal is to end up with a flat square wrapper.

Step 3: 

For the next step you will need two thin pieces of cellophane tape.  It is best to have them prepped ahead of time.  Tear off two to three inches of tape and cut it in half lengthwise.

Step 4: 

Place the wrapper front side down on your work surface.  Fold it in half.

Step 5: 

Next take the open edge and fold it back towards the middle of the wrapper.  Flip your wrapper over and do the same thing with the other edge.  Crease it really well.

Step 6: 

Pinch your bow in the center.  Take one piece of your precut tape and wrap it around the center point.

Step 7: 

Use your finger to flatten the center of the bow.  Once it is flattened use your second piece of tape to secure the middle and hold the bow's shape.

Step 8: 

This next step can be done with duct tape or glitter tape.  I prefer ribbon.  Cut about 4 inches of ribbon.

Step 9: 

Place a dab of glue about 3/4" down from one edge of the ribbon.

Step 10: 

Flip your bow over.  Lay it on the dab of glue

Step 11: 

Place the front edge of your candy wrapper where the glue is.  Add another dab of glue on the edge of the ribbon.  Lay your hair elastic on the glue as well and fold over your ribbon, sealing it with the elastic inside.

Step 12: 

Wrap your ribbon up and around and through the hair elastic to secure.  You can add another drop of glue if necessary.

Step 13: 

Cut off any excess ribbon.

Step 14: 

If you have a jewel or a sequin you can add it to the middle of your bow to embellish.

Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time: 
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 10 children