You Will Need ...
  1. 1 four-way connector (looks like a + sign) in 1" PVC

  2. 4 to 6 “elbow” connectors in 1" PVC (depending on whether or not you want the hands articulated or not)

  3. 1 6" length of 1 inch PVC (neck)

  4. 4 12" pieces of 1 inch PVC (2 shoulder/2 upper arm)

  5. 2 10" pieces pieces of 1 inch PVC (2 lower arm)

  6. 2 4" pieces of 1 inch PVC (hands)

  7. 1 24" piece pf 1 inch PVC (torso) - cut at an angle

  8. 1 12" extra piece also cut at an angle

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Step 1: 

To decorate your ghoul you will need some combination of these items: Stuffing, Wig heads, gloves, hooded robe, tights, old costumes, a turtleneck, a mask, rubber bands and safety pins.

Step 2: 

Take your four-way connector and insert the neck piece into one end. Insert the two shoulder pieces so that they are opposite each other. Insert the torso piece opposite the neck piece.

Step 3: 

Insert upper arm pieces into shoulder elbows. Attach two elbow joints to the end of each shoulder piece.

Step 4: 

Add the lower arm to each elbow. If you wish for the hands to articulate add another elbow on each, and insert the hand pieces.

Step 5: 

If you wish you can cover your arms with a pair of opaque tights. Slit a tiny hole in the crotch area of the tights - stretch one leg over each completed arm and the slit over the neck so that the entire PVC arm structure is covered. This is a great technique if your clothes are too small to entirely cover your ghoul.

Step 6: 

If you have a wig head place it on the neck and cover with your mask. If not, then stuff your mask to make it rigid and slip over the neck piece (you may want to secure the head with rubber bands or twine.

Step 7: 

Dress your ghoulie. Use whatever you have; if you don’t have any clothes you can use thin fabric, a pillowcase, or even a garbage bag. You may need to slit the article of clothing up the back so that it’s easier to dress your ghoulie. Safety pin the back if need be.

Step 8: 

Stuff your gloves to make hands -- it’s up to you how stiff you make them. Slip the gloves on the ends of the arms (or if you are using articulated hands, onto the hand PVC). Secure with rubber bands. Rubber band the clothing over the hands.

Step 9: 

Find a good spot for your ghoulie. Make a pilot hole in the ground using a rubber mallet and your extra piece of PVC. Try to make it as deep as possible.

Step 10: 

Insert your finished ground popper into the hole and pose him. Add embellishments like spider webs, bloody rags, etc.

Step 11: 

He's ready for the graveyard.