How to Make a Grapevine Wreath

Brighten your holidays with this handmade wreath
How to
Step 1

Locate the top of your wreath (where you want to place your hanger). Tie the 1” ribbon around the top and trim any excess. Turn the ribbon so the knot is on the inside of the wreath

Step 2

Slide the cypress frond into the wreath so that the frond falls over the ribbon. Feel free to bend and mold your cypress frond to the curve of the wreath.

Step 3

Slide one evergreen pick into the wreath slightly under the cypress frond, facing up. Place the second evergreen pick at the bottom of the 1st pick, facing down and away. Place the 3rd evergreen pick behind the 2nd, facing in the same direction.

Step 4

Place the holly pick near the hanger, over the cypress frond (about 11:00 position)

Step 5

Add the 4 pine cone picks at the 9:00 position - you may want to cluster them together or spread them apart

Step 6

Add the 7 evergreen pieces wherever you like to fill out the wreath

Step 7

Place the 7 berries at various places on the wreath. You may want to cluster them into little groupings of 3.

Step 8

Add the flower at the end of the greenery, about 5:00.

Step 9

How to make the floof - Fold one end over the wire up and over your hand to make a loop. Make a second loop slightly shorter than the first in front of the first loop. Make a third slightly shorter than the 2nd loop in front of the second loop. (note you will have some left over ribbon hanging down) Squeeze the bottom of the 3 loops together and use the pipe cleaner to secure the bottom by wrapping it around a few times, and twisting to itself. (note leave some pipe cleaner Wrap the remaining ribbon around the bottom to hide the wrapped pipe cleaner. Squeeze the ribbon to secure. Then use the remaining bit of the pipe cleaner to secure the ribbon wrap.

Step 10

Slide the floof under one of the vine wrappings (the thin pieces of vine that wrap around the Whole wreath).