You Will Need ...
  1. 6mm glass seed beads

  2. hot glue

  3. toothpicks

  4. variegated enbroidery floss

  5. scissors - one pair for fabric and one for general use

  6. flair pen or marker

  7. 1mm leather cord

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Step 1: 

Place a drop of the glue in the center of one of your toothpicks and glue them together to form a cross.  Let this dry for at least 3-4 minutes.

Step 2: 

Wrap your variegated embroidery floss around the center point of the floss a few times.  Add a drop of glue to secure.

Step 3: 

Wrap the cord twice over the glue, make a quarter turn and repeat until you have wrapped the yarn all the way around the center of the cross.

Step 4: 

When you have the center of the eye created it is time to start weaving the rest.

Step 5: 

Create the God's Eye like we have in the past.  Wrap the yarn around each stick twice and the move a quarter turn to the next stick and repeat. 

Step 6: 

Continue weaving until you have created the God's Eye in the size you prefer.

Step 7: 

At the end, wrap the yarn two or three times and place a small dab of glue to finish the weave and lock the floss in place.

Step 8: 

Trim the floss, leaving about 6 inches extra.

Step 9: 

Next we are going to make a loop to attach it to the necklace.  Put a bead on the thread and then bring the other end of the floss down through the bead.

Step 10: 

Slide the bead down onto the toothpick to lock in the loop.

Step 11: 

Slide beads onto each of the three other ends of the toothpick.  Secure with a drop of glue.

Step 12: 

Use your general scissors to trim off the pointy ends of each toothpick.

Step 13: 

Cut a piece of your leather cord to approsimately 24 inches.

Step 14: 

Pass the cord through the loop you created at the top of the God's Eye.  Tie your cord together with a slip knot to create the necklace.

Step 15: 

Place a few beads, or as many as you like, at the end of the cord.  I prefer to pass my beads over both ends of the cord to create a nice hanger for the God's Eye.