You Will Need ...
  1. LED Glow Orbs - available at Windy City Novelties

  2. white knee high stockings

  3. tiny rubber bands

  4. Poly Fill

  5. Permanent Marker

  6. Cardboard of Foamcore

  7. The end of a duct tape roll

  8. hot glue

  9. Thick hair bands

  10. sock

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Step 1: 

Your LED Orb will arrive with a small tab over the battery.  This is to prevent the battery from running down before it arrives to you.  Remove that tab. The orb will now glow when the button is pushed. Use your permanent marker to draw a circle around the button.  This allows you to find it easily when it is inserted into the sock.

Step 2: 

Use your permanent markers to draw a face on your orb.  Be as creative as you like.  Be certain to use permanent markers, like Sharpie.  Other markers may rub off of the surface of the orb.

Step 3: 

Next we will make the body of the worm.  Stuff your white sock with poly fill.  You can make your worm as thin or as chubby as you like.

Step 4: 

Once your worm body is stuffed add the orb to the top.

Step 5: 

Push the orb down snug against the poly fill.  Twist the remaining sock so it seals the orb in and forms a sort of pony tail.  Tightly secure with a small rubber band.  Note, do not tie the sock.  We are using rubber bands so you can access the orb if the battery runs out.  If you like you can use this long pony tail to hang your nightlight.

Step 6: 

I prefer my nightlight to stand so I am going to create a hat to hide the extra sock.  I make my hat from a patterned sock.  Cut your sock about four inches down from the open end. Turn it inside out.

Step 7: 

Glue the two corners of the (inside of the) sock down to create the top of your hat.  Turn it right side out.

Step 8: 

Tuck all of the extra sock inside the hat and place over the orb.

Step 9: 

I like to give my worm body some additional shape.  I do this using thick hair bands.  Place as many hair bands as you like around the body of the worm.

Step 10: 

To make my worm stand I am creating a simple stand from the end of a duct tape roll.  Use your hot glue to glue the roll onto a square of cardboard or foamcore.

Step 11: 

All done.  Your glow worm is ready to light up the night!

Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time: 
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 5 children