You Will Need ...
  1. headband

  2. red, white and blue pony beads

  3. 2 white pipe cleaners

  4. scissors

  5. red, white and blue yarn

  6. 2" x 6" piece of foamcore

  7. hot glue

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Step 1: 

Line up the ends of your red, white and blue yarn.

Step 2: 

We are making pom poms to top our deeley bobbers.  Begin by wrapping the yarn around the foamcore.  You will need to do so about 35 times.

Step 3: 

When finished cut the end of the yarn.  Slide the yarn off of the foamcore.  Instead of using string for these pom poms we are using pipe cleaners.  Make a U out of your pipe cleaner.  Lay it on either sided of the yarn bundle.

Step 4: 

Keep the yarn as tightly bundled as possible and seal the yarn by twisting your pipe cleaner.  Twist it as tightly as possible.

Step 5: 

Cut all of the yarn loops.

Step 6: 

Use your scissors to shape the pom pom into a sphere.

Step 7: 

Twist your pipe cleaners together to create a stem.  Twist until you have about 1 1.2 inch of pipe cleaner left un-twisted.

Step 8: 

Slide your pony beads over both ends of the pipe cleaner and push them to the top.  Create a red, white and blue pattern of beads on your stem.

Step 9: 

Twist the pipe cleaners around the headband.  

Step 10: 

Twist them tightly so they are firmly attached.

Step 11: 

Use some more red yarn to cover the white pipe cleaner.  Start with a dab if glue and wrap the yarn around the entire headband.

Step 12: 

All finished.  Ready to make some fireworks of your own