You Will Need ...
  1. champagne cork

  2. wine cork

  3. ball end straight pins

  4. wire cutters

  5. hot glue gun

  6. box cutter

  7. scissors

  8. cutting surface

  9. stretchy glove

  10. tiny pom pom

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Step 1: 

Cut two disks, approximately 1/4" wide from your wine cork.  It is easiest to do so by using your box cutter and turning the cork on the blade.

Step 2: 

Cut two small triangles out of each cork slice.  These are her ears.

Step 3: 

Use hot glue to attach the ears to the top of the champagne cork.

Step 4: 

We will use ball end straight pins for her face, arms, legs and tail.  For the eyes you will want to cut your pins down to about 1 inch in length.  Insert them in the cork.

Step 5: 

Use full length pins to create her arms, legs and tail.  The tail is what makes her stand so you will need to position that pin accordingly.

Step 6: 

She needs an outfit for the cold.  We begin with a hat.  Cut the tip of a finger off of a stretchy glove.  Cut two small holes for her ears.

Step 7: 

Pull the piece of glove over her head and ears.  Glue a small pom pom to the top.

Step 8: 

Cut a straight piece of one of the fingers of the glove.  This will become her sweater.

Step 9: 

Pull the piece of glove up over the her cork body.  All done.  She is ready to meet her friend.