You Will Need ...
  1. 3 7" coffee stir sticks

  2. hot glue gun

  3. yarn

  4. scissors

  5. ruler

  6. pen

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Step 1: 

Measure each of the stir sticks and mark the middle of each with a dot.

Step 2: 

Glue two sticks into the shape of an X

Step 3: 

Glue the third stick onto the top of the X

Step 4: 

Place a drop of glue in the center of the sticks.  Wrap the yarn aounrd the center two times.

Step 5: 

After every two wraps rotate the sticks one quarter turn and wrap twice around again.  Continue until you have gone completely around the the sticks.

Step 6: 

For this version I want to wrap the arms.  Begin by wrapping away from the center as tightly as possible.

Step 7: 

When you reach the end place a small dab of glue at the end and secure the yarn.

Step 8: 

Wrap your yarn back down the arm and once back in the middle bring your yarn underneath the neighboring stick and begin covering that arm.

Step 9: 

Continiue in this fashion until you have covered all of the arms.

Step 10: 

Next make your center design.  Begin by wrapping three times around the center of the star.  Make a quarter turn and wrap three times again.  Continue all the way around the shape.  You will create a star shape.

Step 11: 

Next create some space in between your star shapes by wrapping three times around one stiick, then moving to the adjacent stick.

Step 12: 

Continue going around in this manner, adding some space.  

Step 13: 

You can wrap the sections with multiple layers on just one.

Step 14: 

When finished, return to the original arm on which you started, wrap the yarn twice around and add some glue to secure.

Step 15: 

Cut the yarn and tie it off by making a double knot at the end of the stick.  Add a little glue to secure.