You Will Need ...
  1. Leaves (Different shapes and sizes)

  2. Paper (any kind you want)

  3. Watercolors

  4. Spray Bottle

  5. T-Shirt (optional)

  6. Push Pins (to secure leaves)

  7. Piece of cardboard

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Step 1: 

Put down a tarp under your project to keep things nice and tidy. Next, take your leaves and pin the leaves securely to the paper. Arrange the leaves in different patterns.

Step 2: 

Take your watercolor spray and start spritzing from about a foot away.

Step 3: 

You can come back with a different color or lay the leaves in a slightly different pattern.

Step 4: 

Get as carried away as you'd like and use different colors to make cool patterns.

Step 5: 

For the t-shirt, place a piece of cardboard inside to stretch the t-shirt and give the pins something to stick to.

Step 6: 

For fabric you will need to use acrylic paint. Place a small amount of paint in a spray bottle and dilute with water. You want to use a 4:1 ratio of paint to water.

Step 7: 

Pin the leaves in your desired pattern onto the t-shirt just as you did with the paper project.

Step 8: 

Spray the shirt with your acrylic paint from 1-2 feet away.

Step 9: 

Add some additional colors if you like. Remove the leaves and see if you would like to add more color or patterns.

Step 10: 

I decided to make a butterfly shape on my next t-shirt attempt. You can use fabric markers to color-in the butterfly and add text if you'd like.

Step 11: 

All done. Recycled fallen leaves become wearable art. The art of nature.

Craft Length: 
Indefinite (as long as you want!)
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time: 
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 5 children