You Will Need ...
  1. Empty, clean egg carton

  2. Wooden skewers

  3. Hot glue gun

  4. Paint & Brush

  5. Scissors

  6. Embellishments of choice

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Step 1: 

Cut out the egg-shaped cup section of the carton and recycle the remainder.

Step 2: 

Trim the excess from each egg-shaped cup leaving just the circular base. It should resemble a cupcake foil.

Step 3: 

Cut small slits around the entire cup. Ce careful not to cut too far down. Generally about 1/4 inch is sufficient.

Step 4: 

Use your scissors (small, sharp craft ones work well for this) to round the edge of piece of the carton, creating petal-shapes.

Step 5: 

Vary the shapes and curves of your cuts to create some variety in your flowers and bouquets.

Step 6: 

Paint wooden skewers green to serve as stems. These will take some time to dry. I stuck each one in a scrap of foam so they can dry quickly and from all directions.

Step 7: 

Now it's time to get super creative - use bright colored paints to cover each petal. Check out some real flowers for inspiration.

Step 8: 

Once the inside of egg cup is dry, flip the flowers over and paint the backside as well.

Step 9: 

Glue the painted skewers to the backside of each flower using your hot glue gun.

Step 10: 

If your flowers will be visible from the back cover the glue spot with some fun duct tape, or an embellishment of your choice.

Step 11: 

To make the flowers tilt or lean, poke the skewer through the egg cup at different angles. Again, if visible, you can cover the glue spot with some fun charms or embellishments.

Step 12: 

I used a lot of little charms, stickers, and gems to make each and every flower extra special. You can generally find these in bulk at art stores, or leftovers from one of your other projects.

Step 13: 

All done! Use them to create a lasting garden, as a centerpiece for your next party or even as a lasting gift for someone special.

Craft Length: 
60 minutes or more
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time: 
10 - 20 minutes
1 adult per 5 children