You Will Need ...
  1. Scissors

  2. Ruler

  3. Cereal Box

  4. Duct Tape

  5. X-Acto Knife

  6. Dry Erase Marker

  7. Cutting Board (Self Healing Mat)

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Step 1: 

Open the top and bottom flap of your cereal box. Find the edge where it is glued together and pull apart there. This will be your basic tent. Cut away all of the flaps, keeping just the center piece. (Tip: follow the existing lines to cut a straight edge)

Step 2: 

Next, completely cover the outside of the cereal box with your main duct tape color. (A) Using your scissors make a small angular incision on each corner (B) secure the ends. (C) Once the entire outside of box is covered with tape (D) flip it over and find your center line.

Step 3: 

Find the middle of the center line and mark with your pen (A) Take your ruler and X-Acto knife and using the dull side of the knife score a line down that middle (B)

Step 4: 

Now that you created that score, the cereal box should easily be able to fold in half (A). Using your ruler, measure what the width of one edge (A) using this measurement create a piece of duct tape fabric square that size. (My measurement was 8.5 inches so I have a perfect 8.5x8.5 inch square fabric) Cut your square of fabric into 2 triangles. This will make both sets of tent flaps. (B)

Step 5: 

Take one triangle and cut it in half. Repeat with the other triangle so that you now have 4 triangles. Make sure you keep your pair together and remember that the edge that you cut is the opening of your tent flap.

Step 6: 

To make the flap opening, take one pair of triangles, place the longest sides of the triangles on either side of the center fold line. Using an accent color (A) and 1-inch pre-cut duct tape strips seal the edges. Do this with both sides of the tent (B) always go "half on and half off" with the duct tape to get a good seal.

Step 7: 

Flip over your cereal box and seal on the inside as well for more stability (A). Seal all of the triangle edges for easy visibility. Trim any excess tape (B).

Step 8: 

One side of the tent completed with flaps and their accent color.

Step 9: 

Both sides of the tent completed with flaps and accent color trim.

Step 10: 

You will now want to create straps so that your tent stays upright. To do so, cut four 16-inch pieces of duct tape and lay one of top of another for one strap, and again for the other. Trim any excess tape or mishaps.

Step 11: 

Place the straps down on your base tent (A) about 2 inches in and apply a piece of accent duct tape over them to seal in place (B).

Step 12: 

On the other side of your tent, mimic this duct tape accent strip.

Step 13: 

Now to make the straps stick and ultimately hold tent upright, you will create a double tongue closure like I have done in many of my previous projects. I used a small piece of accent duct tape and did the 3rds fold over to create four (A) fold over strips. Take two of those strips for each strap side (B) and apply to top of strap. Using more accent tape, seal these straps (C). If you choose, trim the edges of your straps (D) and any excess tape you have.

Step 14: 

All done! The tent is ready and collapsible thanks to your sturdy straps. Bring teddy into the wild and watch as he cozies up inside his new tent. Stay tuned for more fire-side accessories!

All Ages
Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Duct Tape: 
Prep Time: 
No prep time needed!
1 adult per 10 children