How to Make a Duct Tape Smartphone Case

Tote your phone in style with this duct tape smartphone case!
Materials List

Wire hanger


Phone (for measuring)


How to
Step 1

Create a piece of duct tape fabric about 3 inches wide by 16 inches long (erring on the side of bigger than smaller!). Trim the sides so they are straight and neat.

Step 2

You also need to decide which side of the fabric will go on the outside, and which will go on the inside. Here, we'll have our polka dot on the outside, and our hot pink on the inside.

Step 3

Here's how to measure in order to make your case fit your phone. Take your phone and place it on top of your duct tape fabric at the end. Next, flip the phone over lengthwise. This will give you two phone-lengths on your duct tape fabric; this will form your pouch. Flip your phone one more time to see how long to make your flap. Mark the end of three phone lengths and trim the excess. Save it -- you're going to use it later!

Step 4

Place your phone in the center of your fabric. Fold up the bottom of the fabric to form your pouch. I like leaving a little bit of the phone sticking out of the pouch so I can easily grab it. Mark on the duct tape fabric where the end of the fabric meets when it is folded.

Step 5

From that marked point, measure one inch down. Make a mark in the center of the fabric at that point.

Step 6

Fold your fabric in half (side to side) so that your mark is in the middle. Using your scissors, cut out a little snip at that mark to create a hole in the center of your fabric.

Step 7

Taking your wire hanger, squeeze the sides together to form a tight U-shaped bend. With your wire cutters (and an adult's help!), snip off your U-shaped piece so that it is about three to four inches long.

Step 8

With your needle nose pliers, squeeze the U-bend together even tighter. Now, to keep the sharp edges of the wire from scratching your phone, cover the ends with duct tape, folding it over and over and sealing the ends in.

Step 9

Again with your needle nose pliers, bend your wire in half so that the U-bend curves up and over, toward the duct tape-covered ends.

Step 10

Slip your wire through the hole in the center of your duct tape fabric, with the tape-covered ends going on the INSIDE of where your pouch will be. The U-bend will be on the OUTSIDE. Secure the wire on the inside of the pouch with more duct tape. Flip your duct tape fabric over and secure the wire on the outside of the phone pouch with more tape as well, adding more tape to where the wire emerges from the hole.

Step 11

Fold your duct tape fabric to form your pouch again, bringing the bottom of the fabric to the mark you made earlier. With smaller strips of duct tape, seal the sides. Place the strip on the front side of the pouch with half hanging over, then flip the pouch and fold the strip over onto the backside. Repeat on the other side of the pouch. Trim off any excess.

Step 12

To have your phone fit neatly into the pouch, you need a flattened bottom. Slip your phone into the pouch, then pinch the bottom corner of your pouch so that it forms a triangle. Fold the triangle over so that it lays flat on the bottom of the pouch. Secure it with a small piece of tape. Repeat with the other corner.

Step 13

In order to keep your flap securely closed, you're going to need a little strap across your pouch that your flap can slip under. Either take a piece of duct tape fabric that you'd previously trimmed off, or create a new strip of duct tape fabric. You want it to be about ¼ to ½ an inch thick, and as long as your case is wide. Place the strip across the front of your pouch, about ⅓ of the way down Secure the sides with more tape.

Step 14

Now, your flap might not fit underneath your strip. You'll probably need to trim the sides it so that it is narrow enough to fold over the top of the phone and down and underneath the strip. If you like, you can round the end of your flap, or cut it into a point -- it's up to you!

Step 15

Finally, we're going to create a hole where your headphone jack is so that you can put your headphones through your case. With your phone inside of the case, close the flap. Press down on the top of your phone until you feel where the headphone jack is; pressing down will leave an impression on the tape, so you can use it to guide where you should make a hole with your hole puncher.

Craft Length
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Duct Tape
Purses and Bags
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 5 children

There you have it, a duct tape iPhone (or smartphone) case! Experiment with different colors of tape, and decorate the outside of your case with stickers, jewels, anything you want!

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