You Will Need ...
  1. Duct Tape (Two different colors)

  2. Sticky Back Velcro

  3. Ruler

  4. Scissors

  5. Piece of string/thread (at least 24" long)

  6. Your doll (for measurement)

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Step 1: 

Wrap the string loosely around the doll's waist to measure.

Step 2: 

Hold up your string to the ruler to see what the width should be. Add an extra 2 inches to this length. (My doll has a 13 inch waist, and after adding 2 more inches, I am working with 15 inches total).You now need to make twelve strips of 15-inch (or whatever your final number is) tape in the base color and three strips of 15-inch tape in your accent color. The reason you have so many strips is because the skirt is pleated and will shrink by about 3X the size.

Step 3: 

As with all duct tape fabric, place your first strip down on your work surface. Add a second piece of the same color, overlapping by about 1/4 inch. Use your accent color for the third piece, again overlapping by about 1/4 inch.

Step 4: 

Flip over your 3-piece duct tape fabric and start overlapping the next pieces. It's super important to leave about 1/2 inch at the bottom of sticky tape exposed. Fold your accent color over (as long as you want your skirt to ultimately be)

Step 5: 

Trim both edges of the duct tape fabric.

Step 6: 

Repeat steps 3-4 overlapping as you go. This is lengthening your skirt width, because once pleated it will shrink.

Step 7: 

Flip over the entire skirt fabric and do the same thing again to the back side, remembering to leave a 1/2 inch sticky piece exposed.

Step 8: 

Again, as you did in Step 5, trim both ends. Finally, repeat the last steps one more time until you use up all of your duct tape strips. (Tip: The reason to do this project in three sections is because it's much easier to work with three 15-inch pieces, rather than one 45-inch piece)

Step 9: 

To start making the pleats, fold one side down (about a thumb/one-inch thickness) and then back onto itself, like an accordian.

Step 10: 

Repeat Step 9 over and over again, and always about a thumbs-length or 1-inch thickness. It helps to have some extra thin strips of duct tape to hold down your existing pleats so they do not unravel. Also note that the top edge is sticking to itself, this is why it was so important to leave that 1/2 inch thick sticky part exposed in earlier steps.

Step 11: 

Now that your pleats are all done, I like to embellish the top of the skirt with one more accent strip. Using your ruler to measure the length of strip you need.

Step 12: 

Apply directly to the top covering up any sticky-ness you have left.

Step 13: 

Flip over the skirt and trim to size.

Step 14: 

Wrap the skirt around the doll's waist. On the flat end that you left un-pleated you will apply your velcro strip. Place one sticky side down, then peel the backing off the other piece of velcro. Place the two pieces together and push down hard to secure.

Step 15: 

All done! A fancy pleated skirt with accent colored-waist for your special dolly.

Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Duct Tape: 
Jewelry and wearables
Prep Time: 
No prep time needed!
1 adult per 10 children