You Will Need ...
  1. Colorful duct tape of your choice

  2. Scissors

  3. Unsharpened pencil or a pen

  4. Ruler (optional)

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Step 1: 

Select the duct tape color you would like to use for the inside of your rose. Using a ruler, or eyeballing it, measure a piece of the duct tape that is approximately 2 inches in length.

Step 2: 

Place the piece of tape sticky side up on your work surface. Next, fold the upper left-hand corner inwards sticking the point to the center. Push down gently so the duct tape adheres to itself. Repeat this step with the upper right-hand corner. When you finished with both sides, the top of the duct tape should look like a triangle or rooftop.

Step 3: 

It's time to make the first petal! Take your pencil (or pen if you are making a duct tape pen), and stick the end of it on the exposed sticky part of the duct tape. The triangular part should point away from the end of the pencil (creating the point of the petal). Wrap the remaining sticky part around the pencil. Give it a good squeeze so the petal really adheres to the pencil.

Step 4: 

Your first wrapped petal!

Step 5: 

Now that you have the first petal of your rose, you can add as many petals as you'd like! Using the same or different duct tape color, cut another 2-inch piece. Fold in the top corners to make the rooftop just like you did in step two. Again, you are going to stick the pencil to the tape and wrap it around the pencil. However this time, stick the petal on the opposite side of your previous petal.

Step 6: 

When you do this, you'll see that the points of each petal should be on opposite sides of the pencil.

Step 7: 

Now you have two beautiful rose petals! Continue the entire process until you have as many petals as you like. Each time, try and place the edge of the pencil in a place where a petal space is available. Doing so will give your rose a nice full look! Don't worry if the petals start to cover each other up, it's part of the process!

Step 8: 

Gently pull back on your petals to open up your flower.

Step 9: 

Once you've created the most fantastic rose, it's time to make the stem! Using your green duct tape (or whatever color you would like for the stem) and a ruler, cut a 12-inch piece of tape.

Step 10: 

Flip the "stem tape" over so the sticky part is facing up. Place the edge of the "stem tape" at an angle near the bottom of the rose (at the top of the pencil). Now wrap away! As you wrap, twist the pencil and pull the "stem tape" tight and angular, so the tape moves downward and fits along the pencil. Your goal is to cover most of the pencil, leaving room at the bottom to sharpen it.

Step 11: 

Finally, cut one more tiny piece of your "stem tape." You can also use any extra you had from the wrapping of the stem.

Step 12: 

Wrap this little piece around the part of your pencil where the stem and the rose meet. Doing so will help to clean up the edge and make it appear as though the flower bloomed from the stem!

Step 13: 

You have created a beautiful duct tape rose! Now, make a whole bouquet, each flower unique and special!

Craft Length: 
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Duct Tape: 
Jewelry and wearables
Prep Time: 
5 minutes or less

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