You Will Need ...
  1. duct tape bag body

  2. duct tape fabric

  3. template - found under the Stats tab above

  4. magnets or sticky back velcro

  5. duct tape

  6. x-acto knife

  7. scissors

  8. work surface

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Step 1: 

This bag body for this project requires a piece of duct tape fabric that is slightly different than what we have been using.  The fabric should be the same dimensions as in the original bag tutorial.  It should be blue on one side and match the interior of your bag on the other.  To make it look like a minion add two strips of yellow tape to the blue side of your fabric.

Step 2: 

Download the template from the Stats tab above. Cut out the flap piece, trace it onto your piece of yellow duct tape fabric and cut it out.

Step 3: 

Attach the flap to your bag.  Begin by using matching tape to attach it to the outside of your bag body.

Step 4: 

Use tape that matches the interior to attach it to the inside of your bag body.

Step 5: 

Attach the magnet closure as we have done in our past tutorials.  Tape one magnet down on the inside of the flap.  Lay another piece of tape sticky side up on top of that magnet.  Drop the second magnet on the first to ensure correct polarity.

Step 6: 

Close the flap and rub hard on your second magnet to secure.

Step 7: 

Now it is time to begin assembling the face.  Add a one inch strip of black tape across the top of the flap.  This is the strap of the goggles.

Step 8: 

Add the goggles

Step 9: 

Add the whites of his eyes

Step 10: 

Add the black parts of his eyes.

Step 11: 

Add the shine to his eyes.

Step 12: 

Add his mouth.

Step 13: 

Finally create the overalls by adding two blue strips and the black circles for buttons.


You can use the template pieces to create Minion Steve as well.

Variation Photos: