You Will Need ...
  1. ruler

  2. scissors

  3. x-acto knife

  4. ball point pen

  5. duct tape

  6. inside of a duct tape roll

  7. cardboard - such as a flap from a cardboard box - 5' wide x 12" long

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Step 1: 

Make a mark in the middle of one end of your cardboard - at the 2 1/2" point.  From that point measure down 1 inch.

Step 2: 

Center your cardboard core at the mark you just made.  Trace around it. 

Step 3: 

You will next need to cut out the circle you just drew.  Begin by making two cuts in the shape of a cross in the center of the circle.

Step 4: 

Carefully, make 2 more cuts in an X shape.  You are essentially making pizza wedge cuts.

Step 5: 

Cut around the outside of the circle and remove each of the wedge shaped pieces.  When finished your cardboard should look like this.

Step 6: 

Next we need to cover the cardboard with duct tape.  The only way to cover the inside of a circle is with very small pieces of tape - 1/2" x 2".  You will need quite a few of these, so it is best to cut them ahead of time.  Lay down two pieces of tape approximately 6 inches long and cut it into 1/2" strips.

Step 7: 

Begin laying those pieces on the inside of your circle.  Place them on the front and fold onto the back.  Be certain to overlap every piece.  

Step 8: 

Continue with this pattern until the entire inside of the circle is covered.

Step 9: 

Cut three pieces of tape to 5" - the width of the cardboard.

Step 10: 

Lay one 5" piece half on, half off the top of your cardboard.

Step 11: 

Do the same with the two other pieces on the sides of the cardboard next to the hole.  When finished you should have a nice frame around the circle.  You may have to place some additional small pieces of tape in spots that were not initially covered.

Step 12: 

To cover the rest of the cardboard I will be using 12" pieces.  Being certain to overlap each piece, lay each piece across the cardboard and fold it onto the back.

Step 13: 

Continue with overlapping pieces all the way down the cardboard.  Do not cover the very bottom.

Step 14: 

All done with Part One.  In Part Two we will add pockets and embellishments.

Craft Length: 
30 - 60 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Duct Tape: 
Back to School
End of the Roll
Prep Time: 
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 5 children