You Will Need ...
  1. basic duct tape clutch

  2. duct tape fabric in the same color as your pouch - 5.5" x 4.5"

  3. template - found under the stats tab above

  4. X-acto knife

  5. scissors

  6. duct tape

  7. work surface

  8. closer - either magnets or sticky bag velcro

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Step 1: 

Begin by downloading the template from the Stats tab above.  Following the instructions on the template, trace the pieces onto the duct tape fabric as marked.  Create duct tape stickers where indicated and trace the pieces from the template onto them.  For the ears you will need to make double sided stickers.  Cut the flap out of your piece of duct tape fabric.

Step 2: 

Attach the flap to the clutch body in the same way we have done in the past.  Use a strip of tape to attach it to the outside of the clutch body.  Use two small pieces to attach the flap to the inside of the clutch body.

Step 3: 

Add your closure.  For this we are using a magnet. Tape one magnet in position on the inside of the flap.  Lay another piece of tape sticky side up on top of the magnet.  Drop the second magnet on top to insure that it is properly polarized.  

Step 4: 

Close the flap and rub hard on the piece of tape to seal the magnet onto the clutch body.

Step 5: 

Next we begin creating the face using duct tape stickers.  Add the mouth.

Step 6: 

Add the muzzle.

Step 7: 

Add the tongue.

Step 8: 

Next the nose.

Step 9: 

Two eyes

Step 10: 

Add some shine to the eyes

Step 11: 

Trace the ears out of your double sided stickers.

Step 12: 

Peel the double sided stickers away from the parchment paper.  Attach the ears to both the front and the back of the pouch.

Step 13: 

Add the collar.

Step 14: 

Add the name tag to the collar.  You can write a name on the collar if you like.