You Will Need ...
  1. duct tape

  2. ruler

  3. pen

  4. foamcore

  5. scissors

  6. x-acto knife

  7. work surface

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Step 1: 

We begin by making the end caps for the bag.  These will be made from foamcore or cardboard covered in duct tape.  For this size bag the inside of the roll of duct tape is the perfect size for the end cap.  Trace inside the roll onto your foamcore or cardboard.

Step 2: 

Trace two circles and cut them out.

Step 3: 

Next we will cover them with tape. Begin with strips of tape that are 10" long.  Cut each strip into thirds so you are left with strips of tape that are 10' long by 1" wide.

Step 4: 

Begin covering the circles by placing a piece of tape on the front and wrapping it around the back of the circle.  Start by crossing two pieces like this.

Step 5: 

Add two more strips of tape opposite the first cross you made to create an asterisk shape.

Step 6: 

Begin filling in the open spaces with shorter strips of tape.

Step 7: 

Continue until both circles are completely covered.

Step 8: 

Next we are going to create duct tape stickers to decorate the ends of the bag.  Place one strip of tape half on a piece of parchment paper.  You should have about six inches on and off of the paper.

Step 9: 

Add a second piece of tape, being certain to overlap.

Step 10: 

Flip the parchment paper over and fold the tape down on the other side.  You have created a double sided duct tape sticker.  Trace a circle onto the tape.

Step 11: 

Cut out your stickers.

Step 12: 

Finally we will make a strap. Lay a piece of tape approximately 12" long sticky side up on your work surface.  Fold one end up approximately 1/3 length wise.  Fold the other end up and over sealing the strap.

Step 13: 

To extend the strap lay your completed piece on the sticky side of another piece of tape.  Fold the tape in third like you did the first, encapsulating the end of the already folded strap.

Step 14: 

For extra strength place a small piece of tape at each juncture where the tape straps are joined.

Step 15: 

With your end piece, your stickers and your straps you are ready for part 2.

Craft Length: 
60 minutes or more
Use your noodle! (challenging; focus required)
Duct Tape: 
Purses and Bags
Prep Time: 
20 minutes or more
1 adult per 5 children