You Will Need ...

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Step 1: 

You will need 29 clothespins in total.  Begin by separating them by pulling off the small metal hinge.

Step 2: 

Once separated create pairs of clothespins by lining them up by their straight edges.  Glue them together.

Step 3: 

You can leave your clothespins their natural color or paint them to resemble a turkey.  If painting, you will want to paint 12 orange, 10 yellow and one half brown.  

Step 4: 

Next, glue the orange pieces together.  Place a bead of glue at the bottom of each clothespin pair.  Aa you glue them together they will form a sort of fan.

Step 5: 

Next, glue the yellow pieces in between the orange.  Place just a small bead of glue on the end and push it in between the orange pieces.

Step 6: 

To make the base we will use additional clothespins. This time we will be glueing them together on their angled side.  You will need four of these.

Step 7: 

Glue them together on their sides to form the base.

Step 8: 

I decided to paint my base green.

Step 9: 

When all of the paint is dry glue the fan piece onto one side of the base. 

Step 10: 

Allow it to dry well, stand it up and glue the other side onto the base.

Step 11: 

If you like you can add a turkey body.  Start with your half clothespin painted brown.  Create a beak by 1. cutting a small piece of the clothespin (painted yellow) off with your wire cutters.  2. Glue that small piece into the groove of the clothespin. 3. Glue the turkey body onto the fan piece. 4.  Use a marker to give the turkey nostrils and eyes.

Step 12: 

You can even give your turkey a "gobbler" by adding a small piece of orange clothepin to his beak.