You Will Need ...
  1. Champagne cork

  2. wine cork

  3. 20 lb., 19 gauge wire

  4. needlenose pliers

  5. ball end straight pins

  6. wire cutters

  7. yarn, ribbon or fabric

  8. hot glue

  9. box cutter

  10. scissors

  11. cutting surface

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Step 1: 

Cut three pieces of wire 4"-5" long. 

Step 2: 

Use your needlenose plier to twist one end of two of the pieces of wire.  They should resemble a fiddlehead.

Step 3: 

Use your box cutter to cut two round pieces, 1/8"-1/4". from a wine cork.  I find the best way to do this is to hold the box cutter and turn the cork.  These will be his ears.

Step 4: 

Again, use your box cutter to create notches in your champagne cork for the ears.  Measure the width of your cork piece and cut two small grooves in the champagne cork.

Step 5: 

Place a dab of glue on each cork ear and insert them into the groove.

Step 6: 

We will use the ball end straight pins for his face and arms.  For his eyes, you will need to shorten the pin.  Cut an inch or so off of each pin and insert it into the cork.

Step 7: 

Do the same for his nose.  You can use the pins at their normal length for arms.

Step 8: 

The fiddlehead wire pieces will become his legs.  Insert those in the front of the cork.

Step 9: 

The straight piece of wire becomes his tail and is very important because this enables him to stand.  Place the wire in the back of the cork body and then bend the wire so it forms a leg on which the mouse will balance.

Step 10: 

You will need to adjust the three wire pieces to allow him to stand.

Step 11: 

Use yarn, fabric or ribbon to embellish your mouse.  Here I have given him a simple scarf made from fabric ribbon.  I simply cut a piece of fabric ribbom and tied it around his neck.