How to Make Cardboard Box Dollhouses

Sophie's favorite craft of all time - tiny cardboard homes
Materials List

Cardboard box (size depends on the size of house you are making)

X-Acto knife or matte knife

Glue (hot glue or tacky glue) or tape

Decorations: paint, mini furniture, wood chips, felt, pom-poms, sequins, pipe cleaners, etc.

Straight edge or ruler (optional; to help keep straight cutting lines)

How to
Step 1

Lay your box flat, place your straight edge along the line where the top flaps of the box begin. Using your sharp knife tool, CAREFULLY cut off the flaps. (As the box is laid flat, the four flaps will overlap each other, cut the first set, then the second set.)

Step 2

With the top set of flaps removed, put the box together by overlapping the bottom flaps in the traditional "packing box" manner. Use clear packing tape to seal it.

Step 3

By turning the box on its side, so the inside is facing towards you, the frame of your dollhouse is complete!

Step 4

Now it's time to spice it up! Using the cardboard flaps that you cut out, you can create a multi-level home, a roof, or any other addition to your home. I decided to add a second story.

Step 5

I began by taping together the two shorter flaps with clear packaging tape. Be sure to tape both sides to make sure it is secure. We will call this a "shelf."

Step 6

Next, I taped it into the box. To do so, cut a piece of tape the same length as the "shelf," stick it to the back side of the "shelf" (leaving a lot of tape exposed to adhere to the dollhouse wall), and finally push it into the dollhouse where you want the second story of the house to begin. Run your hand over the tape to make sure the tape sticks smooth and straight.

Step 7

Use some of the left over cardboard flaps to create "shelf brackets." Using the sharp knife and straight edge again, cut a strip of cardboard about an inch in width. Cut the long strip into four little cardboard pieces about 3 inches in length. Fold each piece into an L shape.

Step 8

Finally, using the clear packaging tape or hot glue, stick each L underneath the "shelf," with two towards the front of the dollhouse and two towards the back. This should secure that "shelf" where you want it to create a multi-leveled dollhouse.

Step 9

From this point forward, the construction of the house is up to you! Create an attic, a roof, a side deck or patio. Use any craft material imaginable!

Craft Length
30 - 60 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 2 children

Here are some examples you can use as inspiration!

Variation Photos