You Will Need ...
  1. wax paper

  2. rolling pin

  3. Fruit roll ups

  4. Rice Krispie Treats, either homemade or packaged

  5. assorted gummy candy

  6. Nerds

  7. Swedish Fish

  8. Sharp knife

  9. cutting board

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Step 1: 

For our sushi roll we are using prepackaged rice krispie treats and fruit roll ups.  You will need to flatten your rice krispie treat before making your sushi.  Place the square between wax paper and roll it out so it is thinner.  Cut a piece of fruit roll up to size - it should match the width of the rice krispies and be long enough to wrap around once.

Step 2: 

Place assorted gummy candies at one end of the rice krispies.  It is important that whatever candy you use here that it be soft.  Hard candies will not work.

Step 3: 

Now, roll your sushi.  Starting at one end roll your sushi being sure to keep it nice and tight.  Cut into pieces and enjoy.

Step 4: 

Check out my video to learn how to make two other kinds of candy sushi.

Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time: 
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 5 children