You Will Need ...
  1. Plastic water bottles

  2. X-Acto knife

  3. Scissors

  4. Rubber bands

  5. Fabric - an old wash cloth, clean sock, t-shirt, etc

  6. Bubble solution

  7. Shallow pan for bubble solution

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Step 1: 

Using an x-acto knife, cut off the bottom of the water bottle. Make sure to give yourself at least 4 inches from the mouthpiece. Larger sections are fine as well.

Step 2: 

Cut your fabric into a square. It needs to be at least twice as wide as your bottle bottom. Generally 5"x5" or 6"x6" squares are fine. If you are using a sock, then simply slip the sock onto the bottle - up to the toe.

Step 3: 

Secure the fabric to the bottom of the bottle with a rubber band.

Step 4: 

Dip the fabric end of your bubble snake blower into the bubble liquid till it is nice and saturated. Take a big breath and blow into the mouth piece. Repeat as many times as you like.
(Special note, do not breathe in while you have your mouth on the bubble blower or you will inhale bubble soap. Always breathe out!)

Craft Length: 
5 - 15 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time: 
5 - 10 minutes
1 adult per 5 children

1. Be very careful when cutting the bottles.
2. For younger children, who may not understand the notion of only blowing out, cut the bottles longer. More distance between mouth piece and bottom will prevent accidental inhalation of soap solution.
3. The more one practices the longer one can make their snake.


You can learn how to make your own bubble solution here: